5-Way 500 Wrapped Part 1 – Will, Riley, Barret, Nathaniel & Caesar

Welcome to the 500th video on the site. Ok, so there might not be quite yet 500 on the site, as I don’t release videos in the order I shoot them, but it was the 500th video I shot.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I thought a 5-Way gang bang would be appropriate!

Enter Will, who told me he loves guys with big cocks (the bigger the better) and his fantasy of being fucked by a bunch of them.

So I knew I had to find 4 other well-hung boys to treat Will right.

Riley is definitely packing some meat, and he thought, “The more the merrier!” and agreed to be versatile for the shoot. They were set to be my core team.

Riley and Will had instant chemistry, and like two dancers, stayed on stage the entire time. I dont think Riley’s cock drooped once, and you can tell he is enjoying every moment with Will, as well as seeing genuine straight boys entering to get their dicks sucked and to do some ass fucking.

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