5-Way 500 Wrapped Part 2 – Will, Riley, Barret, Nathaniel & Caesar

For this shoot, I told the guys that to stay on set, they had to have a hard dick. I hate group videos with a bunch of soft cocks. I set up 3 TVs in separate rooms so they could watch their pussy flick, get hard, come in, and stick their dick anywhere. Exit when they get soft.

‘Lil Ceasar was on set the most, followed by Barrett. Nathaniel was a last minute replacement, and bless his heart, it was his first time fucking a dude. Talk about trial by fire. He had the most trouble staying hard, but I can hardly fault him. After the shoot, he did say he wanted to come back and do some one-on-one.

Like I said, it was a bit like a dance, with partners coming and going, with a couple occasions having 5 guys on the set at once. A crescendo of man sex!

Having five guys nut is always a challenge, so I just asked them to get themselves close, then just come in and nut. Very few false alarms, and both Barrett and Nathaniel nut fairly close together.

With little time lapsing between their nut shots, Ceasar climbs on top and shoots all over Riley. Thankfully, I had another camera running the wide shots, because Will literally starts to nut at the same time. Riley, who has his dick inside Will, quickly yanks it out and plays catch-up with his partners.

The room smelled of sex and sperm, and I have to say, it is an amazing ending to the 500th video!

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