Ass On Delivery

When a strapping young man is a quick call away, ready and eager to offer you his services, it’s hard not to expect he’ll give you a helping hand. Especially if he wants that tip! Ass On Delivery dishes out five orders of piping hot porn, exposing the filthy fantasies of five horny homebodies who prefer to reward hard-working hunks with ass over cash. When window-washer Connor spies his client Brenner stroking himself through the bedroom window, Connor takes it as an invitation to join him and earn some extra perks. Popular porn star Mark Long just wants to eat pizza undisturbed, but when delivery boy James recognizes him from his movies, Mark realizes that James came even more hot and ready than his meal. Markie More’s porn channel connection keeps cutting out, but when he recognizes repairman Lucas from one of his videos, he decides to initiate a little connection of their own. Connor’s got a parcel for college jock Ryan, but when Ryan answers the door in his boxers, the package in Ryan’s pants becomes Connor’s only priority. And when ride-share driver Mark answers Brenner’s call, he learns the deadbeat masseur doesn’t have any cash on him, but Brenner offers his full-body services to pay his way into Mark’s good graces. With so much on-call cock, you’re gonna want to set up your speed dial ASAP!

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