BarebackThatHole – Sherman Maus & Dusty Williams – Bidding War

BarebackThatHole – Sherman Maus & Dusty Williams – Bidding War once it concerns property, you desire a quick sale. Better yet, a bidding war! DJ, our realtor choice, has just two strong, audience. Trouble is, they want the home. After showing Sherman Maus and Dusty Williams the distance, our realtor renders the scruffy blond and scruffy brunette alone to hash out things. Because Dusty really wants the home, ” he ’so prepared to do anything for Sherman to drop his bidding. But , Sherman must drop his pants and offer up his candy ass. Sherman drops to his knees and leaves out with Dusty’so eager and willing hole when working his or her own cock. He proceeds to suck Dusty, getting a great face fucking while he’s at it. Sherman, who knows how to play with the game, then supplies up this L-O-N-G S-Lab for Dusty to devour, with both mouth and hungry ass. Sherman plunges profound, bareback fucking that hole for all he’s worth. Except that isn’t even a wham-bam, thankyou type of thing. Sherman takes his sweet time drilling the hairy otter, pumping away until he dumps his seed. Dusty, excited to amass seed, cums all over his hairy belly, joyful with that protein inside him and the data which Sherman has officially pulled out from their bidding. And speaking of pulling out, Sherman yanking that spoonful of a prick outside of Dusty — all cummy and nasty and wet and coated with semen and bum juice — is a sight to behold for real fans of recently fucked and seeded hole!

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