BlackBoyAddictionz – Isaiah’s Job Evaluation – Saint

Assessment: Prepared by business management on a periodic basis to find out whether workers are working up to, or beyond, the minimal criteria of the job description. Critical areas are graded by supervisors in either a checklist or written format, or even a combination of both.”

It has been nearly a year since I first paired Isaiah with Saint in the hopes that BlackBoyAddictionz’s most seasoned and receptive straight version can assist him get more comfortable with the notion of doing guy-on-guy scenes. At the moment, Isaiah was still very limited in what he had been prepared to perform, but Saint still was able to have some fun analyzing the reluctant college jock’s boundaries in a fun and memorable “job orientation.”

Now that Isaiah has considerably more experience under his “gay for pay” belt, so Saint desired to find out firsthand how far Isaiah has learned since they last worked together nearly 1 year ago. Watch for yourself what happens once these much-requested lover favorites are now reunited for Isaiah’s initial Annual Job Assessment…

In addition to watching how Isaiah’s abilities have evolved and improved in regions such as kissing and sucking dick, Saint also gets to enjoy the straight basketball participant’s entire body in ways he was not allowed to the very first time round, such as finally feasting on that flawless bubble-butt and afterwards burying his thick, yet keen dick deep inside it!

Make certain to remain tuned to the finish for Saint’s entertaining “test” of Isaiah’s advancement.

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