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Michael is a Bi guy who really likes the ladies, but is also totally down to play with a dude. He is also into gymnastics and mixed martial arts.He has a hot 8-inch cock, with full, natural pubes.When he messes around with guys, it sounds like he is down for anything. Sucking cock, topping and bottoming!I think he really likes the ass play too. A couple times he got wobbly during the video, and a little finger action on his ass would perk his cock right up.He even gets a couple fingers in there, really getting his cock hard.Michael did watch straight videos for this solo, specifically, he really liked watching blow job videos. It was very specific, and I wonder if he just likes watching girls suck cock, or is it just watching guy’s cocks shoot their loads.Regardless, he doesn’t seem confused about his sexuality, and it just sounds like he loves it all.Will definitely get him back to see how good his skills are with another dude!