CorbinFisher – ACM0917 – Jude fucks Austin

New freshman Jude already told us that he’s bisexual but was still in between. He says he’s not sure which he prefers. But he says he’s very sure about being a top. So Austin is the perfect guy to try and swing Jude’s vote!
They kiss. Austin kisses Jude’s stomach and works his cock through his jeans. He kisses his way back up to Jude’s lips. Jude responds passionately. Looks like guys are winning!
Shirts off, Austin rips Jude’s jeans off him. He kisses his way around Jude’s thick cock. He pushes Jude back down and services him. They kiss. Jude takes his turn and pulls off Austin’s shorts.
Both guys are clearly enjoying each other. Austin strokes Jude’s cock, then goes down on him. He licks up and down the shaft. Jude said he liked muscular guys, so he must be having the time of his life right now with the buff Austin.
Austin swallows that long cock, getting it nice and wet for when it goes inside him. Jude moans with pleasure and tells him how great it feels. Jude sucks Austin’s cock as Austin jerks Jude’s shaft. Jude teases Austin’s crack with his cock, before sucking his dick again.
Breathing heavily, Austin tells Jude he wants him to eat his ass. Jude tongues Austin’s sweet hole. He licks it deeply as Austin tells him he’s hit the spot. Austin moans. Jude rips the socks off Austin’s feet and starts sucking Austin’s toes. That drives our muscled bottom crazy!
Jude shoves his cock inside Austin. Austin goes nuts, groaning and breathing hard as Jude pounds him. Austin’s ass wraps around Jude’s cock as he slides every inch in and out. Austin reaches up and pulls Jude into him even farther.
Getting in a reverse-cowboy, Austin slides down on Jude’s cock. He can’t stop moaning as he straddles that dick. Jude lets him grind, then drills up deep, faster and faster. Austin’s stiff cock bounces up and down as Jude tells him, “Ride that dick.”
Jude fucks Austin doggy-style. Austin’s moans increase in intensity. He strokes his cock while he gets fucked. He yells out as a huge load spurts out onto the bed. It almost looks like a lariat of cum! Austin’s breathing so hard I thought he might pass out from the intense orgasm!
Jude pulls his cock out and shoots all over Austin’s back and ass. They kiss. I think that’s definitely got to push Jude more towards his decision. We’ll keep you posted!

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