CorbinFisher – ACM0918 – Connor Fucks Ryan

Ryan recently topped his first guy. Ryan said he honestly enjoyed it, so now it’s time to go to the next level of his CF education. And for Ryan, I knew the perfect guy to break him in would be Connor!
Connor is certainly aggressive enough to handle our freshman boxer. With a nice wrestling move, he pulls Ryan’s legs out from under him and gets him flat on the bed. Connor kisses Ryan all over. He works each of Ryan’s nipples with his tongue. The guys kiss passionately. Ryan massages Connor’s broad shoulders and buff arms.
Connor rubs Ryan’s cock through his jeans. He pulls Ryan’s foot up to rest on his own massive pecs while he gets Ryan hard. This is what makes Connor such a great top for newbies. He’s strong and aggressive, yet treats them gently before he fucks them to their limits.
He sucks Ryan’s thick cock, and Ryan moans. Ryan rubs Connor’s hair, and leans back to enjoy the sight of the gorgeous Connor giving him a great blow job.
Ryan rubs his own body, his hand resting on his chiseled pecs, before sliding over his ripped abs. Connor’s mouth on his dick makes him rock hard, so its time for him to return the favor.
Connor straddles him. Ryan takes that long cock as far as he can into his mouth. Connor strokes Ryan’s dick as Ryan sucks him. Connor’s big dick makes Ryan’s cheek bulge out as he sucks.
Stroking their dicks together, Connor makes sure Ryan is ready for his big cock. Connor pushes Ryan’s legs up and slowly slides his cock into Ryan’s virgin ass. Ryan needs a minute to adjust … after all, that’s a lot of cock!
Ryan whimpers with pleasure as Connor fucks him. Connor jerks Ryan’s cock as Ryan moans. He’s loving his first experience as a bottom!
Connor turns Ryan on his side and shoves his cock back inside him. Ryan can’t stop moaning and jerks his cock before looking up into Connor’s eyes. Connor loves new meat and he’s especially loving how tight Ryan’s ass feels.
Ryan gets on his hands and knees. Connor pulls Ryan’s ass all the way back onto his cock. He holds Ryan’s muscular shoulder to keep the newbie firmly planted on his dick. Connor smacks Ryan’s ass and Ryan moans with pleasure.
Connor fucks faster. Ryan goes face first onto the bed. He jerks his stiff cock, but all his attention is on how great Connor’s big cock feels inside his ass. Ryan lets go of his dick. “I want you to come,” Connor demands.
Ryan leans back into Connor’s cock and jerks his own dick again. “I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come!” Ryan whimpers. He shoots a long, thick load onto the bed. Connor pushes him flat down into it and starts fucking Ryan’s ass even harder.
Connor wraps his big arm around Ryan’s shoulders and slams into his ass. He pulls out and shoots on Ryan’s ass, breathing heavily as he comes.
The two grab a quick shower. Connor tells him he thinks it went well and asks if Ryan will do it again. Ryan says, “Definitely.” They clean up and go grab some dinner.

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