CorbinFisher – ACM0962 Philip Fucks Quinn

Newcomer Quinn generated a lot of interest … and one of those interested was Philip! Fresh off his hot scene with Trey and sporting the beginnings of a soul patch (is this life imitating Connor?), Philip was itching to try out our new freshman – so I let them get right to it!

The guys kissed passionately. Philip tells Quinn to lay down. Philip chews on both of Quinn’s luscious nipples, and rubs Quinn’s cock through his pants. “Whattya got down there?” Philip asks with a smile!

He puts his mouth on Quinn’s cock and sucks it. Philip’s own hard dick nearly bursts through his shorts, and it flops out invitingly when he undoes his pants. Quinn licks the head of Philip’s dick, and sucks Philip’’s cock down to the root. He licks Philip’s nuts and strokes his own hard dick.

The guys move into a 69 position. Quinn can’t stop caressing Philip’s shaft with his tongue. This new freshman definitely craves Philip’s cock. Philip smacks Quinn’s ass as Quinn sucks his dick.

Quinn moves his tongue down so he can rim Philip. As he’s eating out Philip’s fuzzy crack, he slaps Philip’s ass, giving as good as he got! Philip starts eating Quinn out as well. Both guys drive their tongues deep into each other’s tasty holes!

Quinn spits on Philip’s ass, and wedges a finger inside his hole. For a minute, I think he’s forgotten who’s bottoming for whom! But he quickly climbs on top of Philip’s dick and starts riding it.

Philip says, “Your ass is so tight!” His body slaps up against Quinn’s with each thrust. They kiss again. Quinn bounces up and down, grinding onto Philip’s dick so he can enjoy every inch. Philip says, “Oh, yeah, ride that!”

Philip tells Quinn he wants to fuck him doggy style. Quinn gets on all fours and gets plowed by Philip’s stiff cock. Quinn’s cock bounces up and down as Philip jackhammers him and smacks his ass.

Turning Quinn onto his back, Philip pushes Quinn’s legs up and plows his ass hard. He fucks him faster and faster. Quinn jerks his cock, loving every second of Philip’s intense pounding.

Almost without warning, Philip pulls out and strokes his and Quinn’s cocks together — and they come almost simultaneously! Quinn’s load spurts out just a bit quicker, and sprays all over him. Philip blasts his load all over Quinn.

Philip tells Quinn he got a mess all over him and Quinn tells him that’s the way he likes it. Who doesn’t?

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