CorbinFisher – ACM0971 – Philip Fucks Mason

Philip and Mason are both extremely sensual guys. In fact, I’m a little surprised I haven’t paired them up before. Mason loves to be naked and has really taken to being a bottom. Philip is always up for anything, so this was a shoot I was looking forward to!

The guys kiss passionately. Philip asks Mason if he’s ready to get fucked. He can’t wait! First, Philip kisses his way down Mason’s tight body, and sucks his cock. Mason smiles and moans with pleasure.

Philip swallows Mason’s shaft all the way down. He licks the head and sucks Mason’s nuts. He comes back up to kiss Mason, and grinds his cock against Mason’s rock-hard dick.

Mason sucks Philip’s big cock, getting it wet and ready to go inside him. Philip jerks Mason’s cock as Mason blows him.

Philip lays on top of Mason and rubs against Mason’s cock. He sucks Mason’s dick again. The two guys move into a 69, Mason lifting his head up to take all of Philip’s cock. Both guys are loving it, but now Mason wants Philip to sit on his face.

Mason eats out Philip’s ass. Philip sticks his tongue deep into Mason’s hole. Both of them are enjoying the intense rim jobs. Philip goes a step further and starts shoving his finger into Mason’s ass. He tells him how good he’s going to fuck him.

Philip jerks Mason’s cock some more. Then, its time to get down to business. Mason climbs up on Philip’s dick and rides him. Mason likes being fucked in a reverse-cowboy. Philip drills him deep from underneath.

Mason moans in ecstasy as Philip’s dick plugs him fast and hard. Mason’s cock bounces as he gets pounded. He tells Philip, “You’re fucking me so good.”

Philip gets Mason on his side and slams into him from behind. The guys kiss as Philip continues to fuck Mason harder. They move into a doggy-style.

Mason looks back as Philip smacks his ass and fucks him so hard the bed shakes. Mason is loving the way Philip tops him. Finally, he can’t hold back anymore. He shoots a thick load on the bed.

Philip keeps pounding away at Mason’s ass. He pulls out and blows his load all over Mason’s ass and back. The cum just keeps spraying out of his cock!

The guys kiss and head to the shower. Philip soaps Mason up. Philip’s cock is still semi-hard. Mason tells Philip what an awesome top he is. Looks like these two really connected. I’ll have to see what else I can come up with for these guys!

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