DivineBitches – Rancher Mona Wales Breeds New Beefcake Pierce Paris

challenging rancher babe Mona Wales delivers on new ranch-hand Pierce Paris that will help her around the farm. Pierce is 100 percent Grade A Steak plus a bona-fide horn dog. All the blood inside his entire body stands straight into his massive boner as his hot fresh boss reveals him about. The moment Mona leaves him to operate, he whips his cock. However, right as he starts pullin’ the pud, ” Mona yields and grabs him red handed. Mona is aware there is only a single move to make using farmboys like Pierce — treat ’em such as the cows she strains plus that young buck appears like he will be suitable breeding stock. She stuffs his mouth full of hay and educates him to keep on jerking till he cleans his seed. She tickles his balls and crushes his face along with her bum. She addresses his balls in closepins and leaves him moo as she jerks off him to some bucket. Then she ties up him on all fours and pushes her enormous fat cock in his tight tight bum. Pierce fights in-bondage but is not able to escape Mona’s persistent pounding. The moment Pierce is all stretched out, she makes use of his or her own cum to fist his ass hole. She sucks on his load of cum straight back in his ass and proceeds to knock off him. Now that he has stuffed full of jizz, she strings up him. Pierce hangs upside down, not able to move. Mona flogs him all over his front before allowing him lick her ass hole. Mona cums hard all over his dumb creature deal with and attracts down him thus she is able to carry his meat for a testdrive. He worships her cunt along with his tongue that is fervent after which yanking her to use her penis. Mona is prepared to understand how very well this stock strains and slides her prick right into her wet warm cunt. She rides Pierce rough and dirty, and leaves him moo like the bunny he is. Her climaxes keep coming as she squirts all over his face that is pathetic area. Once he blows off his final load, then Mona decides it’s time to use the cattle prod to mark her fresh item of meat.

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