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Alexander is seated on an outside bench texting. He’s waiting for The Call. His phone rings, he answers and then receives his instructions. As it turns out, Alexander just joined a fraternity on campus and it’s time for his initiation. He’s told to get his ass back to the frat house, head to the basement, strip naked and put on a blindfold. He does as he’s told. Once in the basement, he strips down to his jock strap, covers his eyes and kneels on a mattress laid out on the floor. A few moments later, in walks a hoody-covered Colby Jansen. He positions himself behind the anxious Alexander and asks him if he’s ready for his initiation. Obediently, the boy answers he is. From this moment forward, Alex has relinquished any sense of self-identity he still has. He’s now become a servant to Colby’s every command. Colby starts by fondling Alexander’s nice tight upper body, gliding his hands over his boy’s pierced nipples. He wastes no time in freeing his stiff cock from the tight confines of his jeans. His dick juts forward and lands only inches away from the sub’s chin and lips. Colby shoves the boy’s mouth on his dick and orders him to suck The Boss, then shoves his hard cock deep down his pledge’s throat. He orders him not to touch. Colby slaps his boy’s face repeatedly and hits hard with his glistening hard rod. The boy follows orders well, drawn in deeper and deeper with every command, acknowledging his role as the subservient boy. He does a fine job of sucking his tormentor. Eventually, Colby wants more than a blow job. He instructs his slave boy onto his knees, he positions himself behind the kid once more and starts slapping that poor ass until it becomes beet red. Colby orders his pup to beg for more. Alexander does as he’s told. Once his ass cheeks have gone from pink to dark red, Colby starts to rim, spit and finger his tight hole. Colby keeps slapping the kid’s ass. But the Pledge Master is hankering to shove his cock deep into his sub’s hole. Once more, Alexander is told to beg to be used. Again, he does as he’s told. He pleads for a fuck. Colby thrusts forward. He’s now pumping the kid’s ass from behind. He slaps it even harder, and continues to pound him aggressively. Alexander is stoic. He holds up to the physical and sexual onslaught. He’s told to like it, and he obeys. Colby finally pulls the blindfold off the kid’s eyes, only so he can use it like reins on a horse. He keeps fucking and slapping the young pledge. He keeps ordering the kid further into submission. The fucking is intense and Colby uses the kid like a doormat, shuffling him into different positions and fucking him more. Finally, the kid is lying on his back, legs in the air while his ass still takes a pounding. He jerks his cock into an explosive ejaculation shooting his load across his chest. Colby then stands hovering above his servant and jerks his cock. He explodes, piling his creamy load on top of the kids… Colby matter-of-factly says that he’s got what he came for and leaves. Alex starts to get dressed. His phone rings and he answers. It’s the Pledge Master telling him to get ready, he’ll be there in 10 minutes for his initiation. WTF he says wondering who’s the fucker who just broke his ass into submission…?