French-Twinks – Enzo takes care of the newbies – Celian Meyer & Thomas Leconte

Celian Meyer and Thomas Leconte, the 2 Novices of French Twinks Studios wait patiently for Antoine Lebel to do Some photo shoot.
The mischievous Enzo Lemercier who’s walking in the corridor meet the novices. He tells them that Antoine is overdue and’therefore he’ll care for these photo shooting. Shy and docile Celian and Thomas follow the directions of Enzo who loves the use of this photographer and causes them to perform a strip tease increasingly gloomy. The two young twinks find themselves immediately nude and vertical before Enzo who cannot resist the temptation of fresh flesh.

Enzo takes the 2 cocks in hand and begins to moan Thomas and Celian while kissing them. The excitement rises and the two teens submit to the desires of Enzo who then invite them to suck him. These are two wet and hot mouths which can be busy on the cock of Enzo tickling the two balls and the glans. The gorgeous and sexy stallion now protects spanking and fingering these two adorable small asses. Celian and Thomas scream like virgins whenever they believe the Enzo’s hands pushing their tight holes but Enzo doesn’t stop, to the contrary’s even increasingly more excited! The dominant twink feasts together with his two submissive boys and he’ll then fuck them wildly.

It’so at first the young Celian who will taste the prick of Enzo. The shirt is totally unleashed and nothing appears to prevent him in this crazy and successful fucking session. More Celian moans more Enzo is eager and Thomas manages stifling the cries of his friend by just shoving his cock into his mouth. In all his life’s clear that Celian had never been fucked in this way. After long minutes of pleasure tinged with a slight pain he awakens in the settee, leaving Enzo’s dick still-hard available for Thomas’s buttocks. Enzo, slightly breathless by his operation, will delight in sitting while Thomas rides him. The rhythm accelerates and the penetration gets heavier and stronger then Enzo pounds the buttocks of Thomas who’therefore moaning loudly while Celian still K.O. see them jacking off. Enzo will finally kneels before the cock the 2 newbies and extend them a dual facial cum shot that both Celian and also Thomas swallow to the last drop.

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