FrenchTwinks – Bastien Leray & Enzo Lemercier – A Virgin Tight Ass for Enzo

If you’r e hung as Bastien Leray it’seasy to find spouses who will shirt you. His huge penis is a real bottom magnet and’therefore Bastien never had the possibility to become more passive! When he meets Enzo Lemercier that the feeling is instantaneous and also our dominant twink makes him fast understand that he could have his ass, whether he wants it or not! Enzo makes the decision to tie Bastien with tape to become able to submit him to his own wishes and have the honour of entering his little bunny hole. Feet and hands tied Bastien has a fair spanking out of Enzo who doesn’t even keep the power back of his or her moans. After making Bastien screaming and blushing his bottom, Enzo is excited as crazy by this feeling of domination plus he involves drive his cock into the mouth of his own servant. Somehow Bastien swallows Enzo’therefore cock and sucks on him attempting to jack off with his hands tied. Enzo resumes his spanking session and starts to play the hole of Bastien who starts to shout when a first finger penetrates his tight anus. The yells don’t even stop Enzo, on the contrary it arouses him even more (he’SA small sadistic boy) and the gorgeous blonde masturbates while copiously fingering Bastien. The important moment comes and although he tried to resist Bastien faking to present his buttocks to Enzo, which shows just a little sweetness at first. Step by step the pain gives solution for this new pleasure and Bastien is smiling back again. It’s first lying on both sides and the back that Enzo fuck this virgin butt using push before Bastien strives to free himself. A struggle begins between both twinks but Enzo finally has got the upperhand and Bastien who obviously appreciates being butt comes to sit Enzo’s cock. Let’s go for a fresh form of rodeo varying pounding and forth and back. If Enzo feels he’s close to cum he pushes Bastien and squirts on his face. The lips still covered with semen Bastien cum in turn, the mind of Enzo on his own tummy.

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