FrenchTwinks – Enzo Lemercier & Celian Meyer – A Memorable Initiation

As is the tradition at French Twinks, it’s a experienced model who takes good care of introducing the boys to porn. This time we find our indomitable Enzo Lemercier in bed with Louis Meyer who’s none aside from the small cousin of Celian Meyer. Louis has just turned 18 and for sure he will remember his first time. Enzo first offers Louis a massage to relax him and the two boys share a body-to-body experience filled with sensuality and eroticism. The two naked and smooth bodies rub against one another and the 2 twinks are quick to get hard. Enzo then catches Louis’s cock with one hand to place it on his or her jerk off them at precisely the same time. Enzo subsequently comes to shove his dick in the beginners mouth and starts to emphasise his pretty ass. You can sense the excitement going up a notch once Enzo pushes a finger into Louis’s small gap also hears him. Enzo then spits in Louis’ buttocks to lubricate and palms it aggressively until his anus dilates sufficient to penetrate. The guy Enzo is now released, and nothing will prevent him! For his first time Louis will get pounded until fatigue in positions that are different. The cries of this twink resound in the room and we understand, the moans excite Enzo who will fuck his young partner with all his power before making him cum. Enzo will subsequently squirt on rsquo Louis &; face.

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