HotHouse – Paging Dr. Finger

Paging Dr. Finger… report to E.R. stat! Here’s an emergency room full of hot men with raging hard-ons that won’t go down, hungry holes jammed with butt-plugs, and other assorted anal conditions that require immediate attention. Luckily this deviant medical staff comes fully equipped with massive tools that prove to be just what the doctor ordered. Strip down, grab your cock, and get in on the nasty doctor/patient action in Paging Dr. Finger!

When it comes to elaborate porn plots, it pays not to take things too seriously. So it’s with great relief that we can say Hot House Entertainment’s Paging Dr. Finger does in no way take itself seriously.

But therein lies another problem: when a porn film goes too far into the realm of parody, the mood is often destroyed by awkward humor or a tendency to want to laugh rather that become aroused. Paging Dr Finger manages to escape this pitfall unscathed as well.

The GayVN Nominee is a definite must for the uniform fans. If you were lucky enough to ever get an ER doctor like Trevor Knight in the film’s opening scene, you might find yourself with a sudden and acute case of hypochondria.

Unfortunately, twink Jackson Wild has a slightly more pressing problem than a slight mental disorder. He’s admitted to emergency for severe abdominal pain, which Dr Knight is quickly trying to relieve with the help of his spunky team of nurses: Dillon Crow and Kai Ford. Wild is forced to confess that there’s something rather large stuck up his ass that is the probable cause of the pain and they wheel him off to ‘deal’ with the problem.

In a very funny piece of screenwriting, Wild begs for something to help with the pain while his butt plug is being removed, and one of the nurses quickly whips out his cock – is it too early in the review to say “Just what the doctor ordered”? Why not?

Soon the unfortunate anal implement is removed and all four of the guys lose the scrubs and begin a hot game of doctors and nurses. When Dr Knight reveals his incredibly toned body and massive cock, you’re going to really get a fever. He gets one nurse to try and swallow all of his monster while our patient attends to the other nurse’s oral needs.

As much as we love the good doctor, his medical expertise is questionable, because it’s not long after that butt plug is removed before he’s sticking his own dick up the patient’s hole – now he’s in for some real abdominal pain. The two nurses fuck each other in the meantime before they change things up and swap partners. They finish off by cumming on Wild’s back.

The central scenes follow similar plotlines, but feature duos rather than large groups. Check out Vinnie D’Angelo and Jake Dakota’s scene in particular, if only for the awesome bottom performance Jake puts in for Vinnie’s cock and a few toys.

A three-way between Ross Hurston, Francesco D’Macho and Johnny Gunn closes out the film. Hurston plays a doctor that, along with orderly Johnny Gunn, sedate Francesco in the E.R. After ripping open his shirt to reveal a fantastically toned body, they both go to work on his cock, while continuing to gas him as he’s about to wake. It’s not long before the effects wear off however, but he doesn’t seem to mind the medical professionals abusing their Hippocratic Oath. Our British doctor looks the part, but has one hell of a well-muscled body to actually be working long hours at the ER.

The action evolves to the point that Gunn is sitting on the patient’s face while the doctor sucks his cock (he might need some oxygen in a minute or two). But before there’s a crisis, Gunn decides to put his ass on Francesco’s gorgeous cock and go for a ride.

Then it’s Dr Hurston’s turn for an ass plowing before they swap positions and he fucks Francesco on the hospital bed. He fiercely hammers away at his hole until he’s ready to pull out and cum all over his ripped body, on which Gunn does the same with a particularly thick load, following the doctor’s lead like a good orderly should.

For a film that’s shot on one set with a similar collection of storylines, Paging Dr Finger is surprisingly fresh, fun and boner inducing throughout. The performers are among its best assets – all do their best at pulling off the, at times, hilarious storylines and look stunningly hot while doing so. The chances of all these employees and patients being horny enough to let it all loose in the ER seems unlikely, but you’ll certainly be gagging to be admitted to this hospital.

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