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Ian Ivanovic is aged 22 and lives in Prague. This good looking straight guy is a student who enjoyes sports, jogging and swimming. He looks so good as he poses, with a smile, at the start of his shoot. Lifting his tee shirt he shows that he has a slim, fit, body. he removes the tee shirt so that we see his sexy chest. Then the jeans are removed and Ian stands in only his underwear posing with his hands behind his head. He turns and pulls the underwear up into his ass crack. Then he turns again with the underwear lowered to show off his soft cock and his balls. He then turns once more to show off his sexy ass. Facing front again Ian pulls on his foreskin and then making some good wood. He poses with the lovely stiff cock poking out in front of him. Then moves onto the bed, with his cock staying nice and hard. Laying down he raises his legs to show off his ass, spreading the cheeks to expose his tight hole. Turning over, onto his knees, he then spreads again, giving a another view of his hot hole. We get more of his hard cock and lots more of that sexy ass before he ends by spreading the cheeks wide again.