Incident # 138 – Teen Hole Fucked Raw – Randy

This guy has a nice frame on him. Up until a year ago he was a baseball player at his high school. Things didn’t go so well for him after graduation though. After an arrest for some pretty serious shit, he came to visit us for a while. I have to say, he’s kind of a model resident. He passes all of his piss tests, and he doesn’t cause a stir. However, he is one of those flirtatious straight guys – the kind of guy who is used to getting his way, and has a mannerism of smirking at you when you are trying to be serious. Well, after a few recovery sessions with him, it almost seems as if he has developed Stockholm syndrome. If I didn’t know any better, he’s actually trying to get punished. Maybe he relishes the personal attention, or maybe he just has a budding love for dick. Either way – and I don’t care one way or another – having a sexy fucker like this around is one of those perks of the job that you can find nowhere else.

When I confronted him over stealing a pack of smokes, he didn’t even deny it, he just smiled at me and waited for me to tell him what to do. He got me rock hard with his teenage mouth, and then I sat him up on the bathroom counter. He looked very fuckable with his legs up in the air just enough to see his hole. I lubed up and fucked him. He is definitely a newb to the ass fucking thing, and I almost felt bad working his hole over so good. Even though he was trying to run away, and squirming all over the place, he did get hard. Damn – I love a guy who gets aroused with something up his ass! I fucked him harder and jerked him off until he came. Then I pulled out my own cock. His hole looked totally destroyed. I might have to give him three or four days before going in for another round. I dumped most of my load on his blown out hole, and then shoved my dick in his mouth for him to clean up the rest. has over 14,000 videos! We have free anal, gay porn, gay sex, kissing, and so much more! Do you have a favorite free anal, gay porn, gay sex, or kissing video you like? Well, will have it!

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