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Another beautiful specimen found by the boss Marco Lebeau in local stripclub. Oliver Smith is a sexy bisexual guy who grew up on an indian reserve. Its his first time in front of a camera and we can tell that he is already a natural. In quest for more action he moved to montreal to experiment more with sexuality. You can tell that this guy is really into himself. Tone naturally muscular body and white milk skin you will have fun to getting lost in his horny eyes. The red pants then comes off to reveal what canadians are famous for : a nice uncut dick. The furry boy don’t waist any time and start teasing our videographer with his cock. Oliver knows what he wants as you can tell by the way he lick his lips and look at us. He then turn around to show us and play with his booty. I know a lot of tops that would love to get in there… Maybe soon on the website? we know that he had eyes on a local model that you all love and already ask for a scene with him. Was he thinking of him when he was licking his fingers full of cum? Stay tuned