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Making out with your partner when you are pissed at him for cruising around the bars and the web has its advantages. In this follow-up to the last week’s sensual warm-up video, Samuel discovers that Brandon has been letting his eyes and fingers stray at the bar and on his cell phone. Samuel is no happy camper and the guys get into a heated argument because Brandon has been sharing cock shots with another dude.As Samuel is bearing down on Brandon over the bed, he pushes his boyfriend onto his stomach and starts to rip his briefs off, cursing him in the process. Unceremoniously, he shoves his bare cock into Brandon tight ass, telling him that he was going to give him one hell of a punishment. And a punishing Brandon gets… But it becomes pretty obvious that the line between anger and lust is a thin one.After a good pounding, Brandon turns around and Samuel, this time, shoves his cock into Brandon’s mouth. You can hear him a say at a point, “who’s the boss here?!? It wasn’t as much a question as it was a matter-of-fact statement. Samuel, still in charge at this time, gets up, turns around and sits in Brandon’s face, firmly shoving his butt hole onto his partner’s hungry lips.But then, Samuel stands and turns again, only this time to sit on Brandon’s sleeveless dick and rides him to glory…. So much for being in charge!Brandon gets really turned on by all this aggressive bottomness, and this is when he pulls his cock out and shoots a load all over Samuel’s hole, only to shove his spunk covered cock back into his partner’s pit of cum. In a matter of a heartbeat, Brandon gets on all fours and Samuel starts fucking him again, and within minutes he starts to unload his own spunk into Brandon’s ass, pulling it out and shoving it back in. When everything was said and done, Brandon answered Samuel with the “I won’t do it again? line… Making up can be dangerous to one’s libido