MenOnEdge – Director Sebastian Keys gets edged! by Pierce Paris

The tables have turned and Sebastian Keys gets edged! In the first scene, Sebastian is bound behind his back, his neck and leather harness are bound to a tie point above him, and his legs are kept open by a spreader bar. Leaks out around his gag, leaving a sticky trail down his chest. Pierce Paris enters, excited to have control. Pierce slips to tug down the leather trousers showing a stone hard cock of Sebastian. He takes it in his mouth, relishing Sebastian’s struggles. He breaks out two hitachis and runs them along Sebastian’s cock, with all the vibration in tandem with his mouth. He brings the violet wand and shocks Sebastian’s cock and balls out. Sebastian tries to thrust deeper and deeper looking for relief, but he is denied each moment by Pierce. Next, Sebastian is blindfold and suspended upside down. His ass is full of power as he is fucked by Pierce with the violet wand. Sebastian hips buck as he strains to fuck himself, and Pierce understands this greedy slut wants more. He pushes cranks up the power and butt plug electrified into Sebastian’s asshole. As soon as he gets close, Pierce pulls back, although Sebastian struggles to blow his load. As Sebastian is put with the electrified butt plug, standing upright, in leather the teasing continues. Pierce continues to tease him, keeping him right on the edge of cumming for as long as you can. He allows Sebastian to cum, but that does not stop him from continuing to milk the sensitive cock of Sebastian. After Sebastian is drained, Pierce tickles him and all Sebastian can do is laugh.

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