NextDoorRaw – Chris Blades & Jason Richards – Big Things in Little Towns

When Attorney Jason Richards interrupts what he thinks is a scuffle involving his employer and a few random dude, the final thought on his mind is that he’s penis blocking Chris Blades, however Chris immediately tells him that the guy he was ‘wrestling’ with was up a hook, not a buddy. Jason is confused, and Chris explains he has a daughter with his ex but he loves guys, which his ex prefers if he retains his sexual life private so their kid won’t find out. Chris tells Jason that it’s quite tough to discover a steady partner in a city this small. Smiling, Jason tells him that’ s not the only thing in this city that’so tough, and he motions to his waist as Chris eyes the bulge in his pants. Unzipping his pants, he places his penis in Chris’ palms and tells him to have his own way with it. Jason is suspended, and Chris can’t believe his luck, but he wastes no time laughing at the gift prior to him, taking it in his own mouth as Jason puts his hand on the trunk of Chris’ mind and pushes him farther down onto it. Jason face fucks Chris in his sack before throwing him up on the bed and sliding his rock hard penis bareback into Chris’ hole. He lbs Chris all around the mattress, giving him the tough, raw dicking he’s been missing, and Jason can tell Chris is mesmerized by the massive burden he spits out. Seeing Chris lose his nut has Jason all hot and bothered, and he follows suit, releasing a massive load that covers Chris with jizz and leaves sated and sweaty. As he squeezes the cum into his skin, Jason bends down and whispers he’s discovered his new guy. Chris smiles at the thought of it. Enjoy!

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