Adam Russo 

Adam Russo


Adam Russo is a man’s man: rugged, hairy and masculine, Adam steals every scene he’s in! He prefers to be bottom, but he’s also known to do versatile scenes where his large (almost 8 inch) manhood becomes the center of attention.

While growing up, Adam was known to be a chubby kid, but after puberty he hit the gym and got some serious muscle mass!

Adam loves travelling and enjoys in every moment of life, and that translated well on the small screen!


His entry into the world of adult entertainment has been a late one: even though he was approached during his youth, he preferred to stay out of the spotlight and only got into movies through his escort business. His first studio was TitanMen, but today Russo works with all major players in the field; and how could he not, with a hot muscle dad body and an incredible energy that he brings to every scene.

  • male
  • brown
  • brown
  • 5"9
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