Ramiro & Jurek

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When it comes to sex, I love a meeting of cultures.Ramiro, a hot Mexican stud, had just finished fucking Terry a few days prior.And I'd been in contact with Jurek, a hot Russian stud, for a while. But things never quite clicked and it was always something or other that kept him from coming back.Well, the planets finally aligned and there they were, on my sofa!I love foreskin. It's so unusual here in the United States, so having a guy with a "turtle neck" is always a treat. And that's what I used to break the ice.After they were naked we asked Jurek to feel Ramiro's foreskin."Is it different from yours?""No, it feels the same," he said.Then we asked Ramiro to feel Jurek's."How does it feel?"He just giggled.Now, even though he's shy, Ramiro has really come into his own. In his first experience, he was so nervous he was shaking.With Jurek, Ramiro was a much more confident top...

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