RaunchyBastards – Jonesing Hustler Loses His Virginity – Clay & Gibson

Raunchy Bastards #158: Jonesing First Timer Loses Cherry I had fulfilled Gibson in person once before. He had come over for a wonderful afternoon, but at the last minute he got scared and left, leaving me. He was freaked out about sucking or touching a cock. I had thought at the time. Only time would tell, although I still wanted to fuck his hole that was little. It did not take long for him to hit me back up. I guess he had exhausted all his resources, including his back-up resources. If he came back over, while chatting with him, he was into a negotiation about what would happen, and for how much. As I tried, he was not likely to budge on cock-sucking. This here is a straight guy with a few limitations, allow me to tell you! At any rate, he tried to nickel and dime me concerning what each activity was, and how long it would take for each. I told him – and we ended up agreeing upon – him would loosen up and fuck him until I came. He understood that when he was not going to give me a BJ, I would fuck him a lot longer than I normally would. I told me that it was not likely to feel that great since it had been his first time, but he needed to shut the fuck up and take it, when he wanted to depart with a benjie. No whining, no stopping. I offered for him a ride share. He explained that he had. The first time that he came over his merchant drove him, and was pissed off that he came back empty handed. I had a feeling. I didn’t feel bad dumping a load of cum inside his newly deflowered hole and taking his virginity. In the end, anytime I can help somebody get out of debt, I see it as a positive… a win-win. I loved rimming his hole. He was clean as a whistle and had just gotten out of the shower. His cunt tasted good, and that I couldn’t wait to crack it open. I had him on his back, when I did go in, and that I used a great deal of lube. It took maybe 4 or 5 minutes before he was relaxed enough for me to pick up the pace, but when I did, it was sheer delight. Then initial position, he rode me (pretty damn nicely, really), then I flipped him over and fucked him hard before I had deposited a load of semen deep within him. He’s not a fellow, therefore it was easy to simply manhandle him to the ideal positions. Fantastic fuck. At any rate, he got what he wanted since he performed his end of the deal. And I am presuming his “ride” got what he wanted, also. Two days afterwards, he texted me asking if I had been free. I wasn’t. And after that, he and I never connected together again. That was. He is in jail rehab, hospital, or worse; or maybe he simply decided that being used as a pocket wasn’t for him. However, I kinda hope I get to use his hole it felt fantastic.

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