RaunchyBastards – Straight But Curious & Broke Enough – Clay & Logan Pine

I met Logan after he applied through an ad I placed online. The ad mentioned porn and quick cash. When we first corresponded, he sent me some photos, and I was happy as a lark. It’s like going fishing and actually catching something. I began to get disheartened, though, when I asked him for some nude photos. The best he could do were some headless torso and dick pics he had taken in his bathroom mirror. When we spoke on the phone, I got even more disheartened. Not that he didn’t sound like a great guy, but he had a full time job. In my experience, guys who work full time are a lot harder to reel in. He explained, though, that his work didn’t pay enough to cover some extensive damages to his car, and that he had already thought it through. I told him, “OK,” and we scheduled a time for him to come by for a “photo shoot.”

It was actually difficult getting him scheduled, but we finally found a day and time that worked for him. Right up until the last minute I was afraid he wouldn’t show, but he did! I wasn’t wrong to be worried about him bailing. He was more nervous than anyone I’d had over for a photo shoot in a long time. We chatted a bit about his life and his interests, and he calmed down a little bit. He has a female romantic interest at the moment, and he hasn’t really though much about trying anything other than pussy. (He did later admit to a drunken “fooling around” session with another guy and girl at the same time).

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