SeanCody – SC1151 – Brodie & Steven

Brodie has always been open about new sexual experiences and up to now, I don’t think he’s had the chance to get really wild. He’s always playful at first and it’s great to see how aggressive he gets once he starts fucking!

Steven, as it turns out, is just as playful as Brodie — he really enjoyed getting fucked by Jarek. I couldn’t wait to see the reaction I would get from these guys after introducing something a little “different” to break the ice.

“I’ve got presents for you…”

“Awww, fuck yeah!” Steven said enthusiastically, before I could even finish!

Then, I showed them what I had… some bondage gear and straps. Brodie was immediately excited and his face lit up like a street light. Steven was stuck in his tracks… just staring at the straps in awe, eyes wide, jaw dropped to the floor. Neither of them had tried anything like this before.

“There is a first for everything!” Steven said.

Brodie took charge right away like I knew he would. His hard cock was a sure sign that he was enjoying this dominant role. And the fact that Steven’s dick remained hard as well as he was getting fucked, kind of proved that he was loving the pounding he was getting. Eventually the restraints came off but Brodie remained in charge until Steven shot an intense load all over himself!

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