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It’s not exactly white water rafting, but the sight of Nikandro Sideropulos and Pablo Totti paddling down the river in an inflatable boat at the start of this horny encounter still adds a little bit of novelty to the encounter; and suffice it to say that we don’t have to wait very long before the two lads are mooring up and turning their very keenest attention to each other. Which is all perhaps just as well given that the lovely sunshine and splendid surroundings might almost be enough to distract a good percentage of viewers from the forthcoming action.Well, we say “almost” - fact is we very much doubt that there’s any gay porn lovers who could ignore these two beauties at the prime of their youth, not least of all those who have a penchant for a handsome man in dreadlocks (Totti). Certainly young Sideropulos can’t resist the fashion, that’s for sure, as he promptly munches on his buddy’s ramrod at the very first opportunity. But he’s clearly not alone in his taste for cock given that Totti is soon replicating the favour with equal gusto.Initial introductions over, and the two lads are getting down and dirty up against the rocks, with Sideropulos energetically ramming every inch of his joystick deep into his mate’s hungry little arse-hole; signalling the start of a terrific open-air rutting session that will almost certainly have you unzipping with gusto. And it surely won’t come as any surprise to anyone that the horny fucker is soon spraying a hot wave of jizz all over buddy; before Totti sprays an equally voluptuous load in the direction of Sideropulos’s open mouth!