STR8Hell – Erik Jarek & Martin Dorcak RAW – RAUNCHY

Sexy str8 man Erik Jarek is gagged and shackled to his bed. He is joined by handsome str8 man Martin Dorcak who is wearing just his underwear. Martin lays on the bed kissing around Erik’s hot torso, slapping it too. He opens Erik’s panties and pulls down to expose his penis. Martin takes good care of the penis and starts to suck on it. He sucks and wanks the penis as he continues kissing that hot body too. Sucking on the balls as well Martin makes Erik’s cock hard as he works on it with his mouth. Removing the gag Martin pushes his own, enormous, cock in to Erik’s mouth for a few sucking. He then eliminates Erik’s jeans to have him naked. He contributes to the penis and sucks it a bit more, moving around kiss Erik to the mouth as well. He pushes Erik’s legs into the air and starts to rim his hot hole. The tongue laps in that gap and then Martin slides a finger inside as well. He pushes his big cock into Erik’s hot hole and fucks it profound as Erik moans. Erik takes that big cock all the way in his ass since Martin fucks difficult. Erik’s moaning gets louder because his pit is stretched broad and Martin fucks him hard. Then he’s discharged adn moved onto his knees to get Martin to fuck him from behind. This enormous dick goes deep into the ass and starts to fuck difficult. Martin spanks the ass a few times too because he fucks as difficult as he can. He turns over Erik and pulls out to fuck him a bit more. Erik grabs his own cock and wanks it, quickly shooting the cum onto his belly since Martin fucks him. Then Martin pulls out and wanks his cock till he cums too. He leans over and kisses Erik again to end a beautiful scene.

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