STR8Hell – Leo Lombar – SPANKING

Leo Lombar is just one very handsome and hot guy. He has a hairy chest that is lovely and an amazing body to go with his handsome face. In this scene he is wearing his underwear and gagged and shackled. As Leo yells loudly, his tormentor arrives. The hands run over his chest, slapping at it and feeling throughout. Leo keeps moaning as he feels the hands landing. He writhes around too, hoping to discharge himself. The hands pull on the balls and grope at his panties. A panties is pulled aside to discharge the balls and cock for an instant. While he continues to moan loudly moving back your human body Leo’s nipples are pulled on by the hands. The hands slap on this sexy body and a whip starts to property onto it too. Leo feels it moans and writhes all of the while. His balls are pulled outside of their underwear that clothes hooks are attached. The nipples are pinned too and the hands hit all over the chest. Afterward your pins are removed and the panties is pulled to discharge Leo’s dick also. He keeps yanking his restraints. The hands pull the cock and balls. Leo is moved, with off the panties and he’s bent over a seat. This shows his ass and also the hands get directly to work it. Leo yells as the buttocks is spanked and whipped. Afterward his hole receives a finger deep inside making him moan louder. Because that red ass will get more the finger fucks his hole. The lips are spread wide and sexy ass shows off the hole. The finger moves back inside and fucks profound into whines as Leo’s moans turn. Then he is discharged and permitted to sit down at the seat and wank himself before his brings his cum. He also milks his penis dry to end a scene.

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