ChaosMen - Sage solo

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Description: Sage is a young natural body builder. He is of mixed-heritage, Mexican, Spanish, Southern European. His hair color, while not technically a "red-head" is a bit more typical in places mentioned, as well as Argentina and Uruguay where Northern European genetics get into the genetic stew. But I likely won't start an 'Auburn' hair color category, and for our purposes, he will be considered a red head, right down to his pubes. I am sure Ginger fans will beg to differ. Sage is a super nice kid. Very polite and eager to please. He did drop a 90 pound dumbbell on his right shoulder a couple weeks before the shoot (sounds like he needs someone to spot him, any volunteers?) so I did a little makeup on the residual bruising. Hope it is not too distracting! He is a brutally handsome guy, with a killer body, and thick, uncut cock. He has always wanted to do porn, and has a friend who has been doing gay porn as well, so he is not coming into this totally bewildered. He was eager to do more than just a solo and oral on his first visit out, but I of course wanted to see how he performs before pairing him. He loves fucking a girl in the ass, so he thinks fucking a dude would be equally easy. I couldn't be more happy with the way this guy performs. You literally see his cock wake-up in real time in under a minute. He is a horny dude, and gives us a great show of playing with his ample cock. Super easy to nut, with a copious amount of cum. His ass is equally amazing, and he is not shy about showing his ass off, or winking his butt-hole at us. This dude has got some serious desire to be sexy and show-off. A true exhibitionist! He will be back next week to have the jizz pulled out of him!