CorbinFisher - ACS0234 - Brody & Ashley

Duration: 20:40 Views: 13 Submitted: 6 months ago
Description: Brody's developed quite the following since his first arriving at CF, and it's only grown the more he's appeared on the site - not only in ACS action like he's getting into here, but also in his debut at guy/guy action bottoming for Dawson! Those striking looks and that chiseled body made him a candidate for CF stardom right from the start, so it's worked out great that he's not only been eager to have some fun on ACS but also decided to try out some guy/guy action and did so well with that his first time out! I often continue to find myself quite surprised he's been eager to do so much at all! He's such a quiet and often reserved guy that you wouldn't initially think he'd be up for trying so much in front of our cameras and for our fans to see. Those last few minutes of his scene with Dawson showed a whole new side of him, though, and he opened up quite a bit! He found himself incredibly turned on and thoroughly enjoying the sensations, and even fascinated by his own and Dawson's orgasms. It was a big step in getting him to open up more and more in front of our cameras, and the action here is the latest step! As Brody and Ashley start making out and gradually stripping off one another's clothes, we can see that Brody is, by nature, quite the passionate guy! He likes to take things slow, likes to be gentle, and loves long, drawn out kisses and body contact. There is certainly no shortage of kissing and body contact here, leading up to Ashley going down on Brody and sucking him as he stares down at her. Soon, she's riding him - bouncing up and down on his hard dick as he fucks up in to her. Brody then gets her on to her stomach so he can fuck her from behind, his ass moving up and down as he thrusts and fucks and pumps. They fuck in position after position, including with Ashley on her back so Brody can lean in and kiss her while he fucks her. All of it gets him closer and closer to the edge, and he finally lays back to stroke his dick until it's shooting cum out all over his hand, smooth abs and thighs!