AlphaMales - Ray Dalton & T.Wilcox

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Description: Get ready for some hot, mother fucking daddy-on-daddy action! Or should we say father fucking daddy-on-daddy action? Regardless, if you’re into daddies — and who isn’t? — you’re going to love Ray Dalton and T. Wilcox as they get down and dirty doing what daddies do best: fucking. As if their bodies weren’t enough to make you drool, their deep grunting and groaning sure will, as they make out, strip down, and tease each other by sucking and chewing on nipples. They move on to servicing big fat cock before Ray gives up his ass for his hung buddy to rim. Wilcox then slides that thick throbbing fucker home, making Ray’s eyes roll back into his head. What follows is an intense bareback fuck with tattooed Ray and bearded Wilcox descending into a primal mindset that’s all about rutting like animals, the way pure, unadulterated sex should be.