MormonBoyz Elder Holland Home of The Brethren

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Description: After Elder Holland’s new companion went to sleep, the handsome young man snuck out of his bed and went downstairs. Brother Hales had invited him and his companion to stay for the evening at the home of the brethren, treating them to a dinner and conversation. By the end of the night, it was clear what Hales was really up to. He knew of Holland’s recent induction into the Order and was eager to try the boy out for himself. Unsanctioned sex between men of the Order is commonplace, but the two were anxious to not wake up anyone if possible. Once his companion was fast asleep, Holland and Hales snuck downstairs. Clad only in their garments, the two quietly connected in front of the fireplace, carefully making sure not to make a much noise that would attract unwanted attention. Finally, they were alone.
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